Soccer Awards Ceremony and 1BC!


Yesterday was the final conclusion of our first soccer season, coupled with the normal weekly meeting of 1BC.

The players were finally awarded their trophies as families, teachers, mentors and coaches cheered them along. Their next season will begin in the fall, thanks to a partnership we have with BAYFA. Because of their generosity, these students have an opportunity to participate in competitive soccer.

After the ceremony, we had our normal 1BC meeting. Many of the soccer boys are involved in this component of AUYD as well, as they meet weekly with the hopes of developing community leaders. At each meeting, they learn a leadership trait or social skill, break into small groups for directed mentoring, play a game and share a meal together. Most recently, we reviewed respect for others and the community and introduced the element of respecting your elders. We finished with ultimate Frisbee and other activities at the park.

All of our programs are driven by relationships the students develop with their mentors. If you are interested in joining our efforts in transforming communities one child at a time, please email us at

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