Catch-up Post #2

Last Saturday at Spanish Square, Mrs. C came and coordinated a team-building game where the kids had to work as partners and race while keeping a balloon between their heads. They loved it!

On Tuesday, the boys’ 1BC group met at the park and also worked on team building and respect. They ate and played games after breaking up into their small groups to further discuss the week’s lesson.

Thursday was the normal 1BC: Girls’ Club meeting. They met at the Community Club House and ate pizza, talked about respecting each other and the qualities of being a good friend, played a math game and telephone, then went over to the park to play and hang out.

Again on Saturday, we met at Spanish Square for a few hours of quality time with the kids.

This week, both the boys’ and girls’ 1BC Mentoring Groups will meet together on Wednesday for a summer kick-off party at the park and skating rink.

Also, on Saturday AUYD will open a new SWARM program at Rio Vista Apartments.

Hope to see everyone around!


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