What An Amazing Weekend.

Last weekend, NUMEROUS volunteers and weekends provided our soccer team and their families a weekend they may never forget.

First, it was all work! Some students helped out at a lemonade stand and most of the soccer team was at a car wash.

Then came the fun. We stopped for pizza, but then went to the host’s house to eat. After a coach vs. player soccer game at the park, the kids were free to swim! Other activities included the set-up of the world’s longest slip n’ slide in the front yard! Around 6, we grilled out with hot dogs.

Afterwards, it was off to the park for a bonfire, where we were greeted with brownies from the school principal and amazing supporter. Lance got the fire going, and each of us had a wonderful time making and eating S’mores. We sat around and told stories of the amazing season we had, each stating something we learned that had little to do with soccer.

We went inside to commemorate and further de-construct what the season meant with a video slideshow composed of many pictures.

After a game of hide n’ seek in the dark, the kids had an hour of night swimming before heading to bed. We woke up in the morning to clean and get ready to go. After church and lunch at Rosa’s Cafe, the students were returned home.

It was exhausting, but a GREAT time! Big thanks to all the mentors who sacrificed their entire weekend (literally) and made this moment unforgettable.

A few pictures are below, but there are more @www.facebook.com/onebelovedcommunity.


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