Soccer+SWARM: Spanish Square+Art in the Square=FUN DAY!

Saturday was exhausting… must have been all the fun we had! The AUYD Beasts had a morning soccer game in North Richland Hills, which they won 2-1. There is another game on Tuesday in Trophy Club and our last game is Saturday, 5/5 at 2:30 in NRH. Come support us as we fight for second place!

From 1:00-3:00, we had the normal SWARM gathering at Spanish Square, where the kids hung out for a bit, then had a short lesson about how acts of kindness can be exponentially multiplied… but it takes one person to randomly act kindly to start the trend. They enjoyed snacks and a few stayed to help us clean.

From 4:00-10:00, six stand-out youth were chosen to represent AUYD at Art in the Square in Southlake. Between them, they represented every program AUYD currently runs, including 1BC: Leaders, 1BC: Girls’ Club, SWARM: Spanish Square, and the AUYD Beasts soccer team. They had the chance to meet many of the ladies from Southlake Women’s Club, to whom we are very thankful for supporting us this year! The kids played games, walked around to see the art, volunteered at an entry gate, and saw country music star Chris Cagle on the Main Stage at night! Most of all, they loved spending time with the numerous mentors who were able to come out and show their support.

Thanks to everyone who played a part in our activities this weekend!


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