CATCH-up post!

Hey everyone, sorry it’s been so long since we’ve posted, life has been hectic!

On Friday, Murphy and I went to a VIP dinner at the Hilton in Southlake to meet and greet with many of the sponsors who support the Southlake Women’s Club. AUYD is one of their beneficiaries, and you can help them help us by attending Art in the Square THIS weekend, Art in the Square is this weekend, 4/27-4/29, in SOUTHLAKE TOWN SQUARE! Admission is free, parking is free, and the art exhibits & entertainment are free to enjoy!

Satuday, the normal meeting at Spanish Square was held. While the program numbers were down, we are encouraged to know that them main reason is that so many students are involved in extra-curricular activities through Advent. Last Saturday, for example, many Spanish Square students were helping out their ASPIRE class with a car wash, with the proceeds benefitting AUYD. Furthermore, many boys and their siblings were on their way to their soccer game.

Speaking of which, they soccer team won 1-0 on Saturday and 5-2 on Sunday. They are playing great and getting along as a team. That wasn’t ever as evident as it was on Tuesday, when they scored in the final minute to sneak out with a 2-2 tie. They were excited to have numerous teachers and mentors in the stands to cheer them on. They had a small lesson about respect before the game, as the event simply replaced the typical 1BC meetings.

Amazing things keep happening, awesome opportunities are approaching, and dynamic people continue to show up to advance the vision. If you want to be a part, email us at

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