Saturdays… WOW!

This Saturday was a busy one for AUYD! First, we met early in the morning to transport our soccer team to their morning game in White Settlement. It was the second game this season, and the our FIRST VICTORY! I can’t explain the happiness the boys expressed. They’ve bonded so much since our first practice. Coaches and mentored gleamed with pride. Our next game is next Saturday. Let us know if you’re interested in helping out, or if you’d like to help us start a mentoring group with many of these boys even after the season ends in a few months. This is much bigger than soccer, folks.

Then it was off to Spanish Square for our Saturday program there! It was a beautiful day that included soccer (go figure), inside games, snack and a small discussion about what the kids would like to change in the program. We had almost 40 total kids! We were also fortunate enough to see a cultural display of identity, as a family did a praise dance in the courtyard to celebrate the birth of Virgin Mary. It was interesting, to say the least. We are in constant need of volunteers, materials, and snacks at Spanish Square. Let us know if you’re interested!



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