Our Friends from The Hills Church of Christ!

The rain didn’t keep 10 High school volunteers from The Hills Church of Christ, along with their parents, from coming to Spanish Square today. Not only does this group of amazing individuals come and volunteer, but they bring a special activity every time. This time they had four different hands on science lessons for the children of Spanish Square to engage in. They focused on Engineering by building structures out of marshmallows and toothpicks, as well as making duck calls out of plastic straws, playing twister together, and creating friendship bracelets.

After the lessons they provided all of the children with snacks and an after snack ice breaker game, with the day ending with a intense game of indoor soccer.

The high school students nor the children of the apartments wanted to leave today….it was well after 3:00 (our ending time) and the games were still going on. We witnessed more than one of our SWARM kids latch on to a high school students leg and not let go, because they wanted them to stay and play longer.

I personally over heard a child say, ” I don’t want to leave this place, its fun here.”

The relationships that are forming between our high school friends from The Hills and our kids from SWARM are amazing and we are so grateful for their partnership!


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