2016 College Trip

20160805_141012-2In August 2016, Advent 9th-12th graders took a tour of colleges trip, for the second year in a row. This trip was only possible with the generosity of the Southlake Womens Club and their annual event called Art In The Square. 

10 students were able to visit, tour, and experience 5 universities in 3 days!

Universities visited were Baylor, UTSA, Trinity, Rice, and Sam Houston.

On the road trip students were able to visit Hamilton Natural Pool, downtown Austin, the San Antonio River Walk, and Galveston!

Over the last two years, these high school students have now visited 10 colleges and universities. Our hope is that in 2017 we will be able to take 10 or more students to 5 more colleges. With this in mind, our goal is to promote higher education, and allow students to dream, as well as make concrete goals for their lives.

This goal has allowed Advent to see nearly 99% graduation rates in those that are a part of our mentoring programs. This year we will have our first student going to college!

Again, thank you to our volunteers that made the trip possible, as well as the continued support and partnership of Southlake Womens Club!





2015 Advent Summer: College Trip, Camp Carter, Fee-Based 1 Week Summer Program

Advent had an eventful summer 2015! 


One Beloved Community Mentoring Programs: 

Our middle/high school aged 1BC groups met all summer, this year will be our 5th year with most of these youth! They are all becoming amazing individuals and we are so proud of them! Special thanks to the mentors that show up weekly to love these youth!


College Tour 2015:

We took our high school students that are a part of our One Beloved Community and SWARM after school programs on a college road trip. This road trip was planned to give our students the opportunity to see, hear, feel, experience, and get info about their college choice! We visited UT Austin, University of The Incarnate Word San Antonio, Texas A&M Corpus Christi, and Texas State University. A beach condo was our home for the week in Port Aransas, TX. Thanks to the Southlake Womens Club and Art In The Square, this trip would not have been possible! Please support Art in The Square in the Spring of 2016!


Camp Carter 2015: 

Middle school students that are a part of our One Beloved Community and SWARM after school programs, got to attend Camp Carter for three days in August! This is our 4th year taking youth to Camp Carter! Without Summer Santa, this years camp would not have been possible!


Fee-Based Summer Program 2015:

For our second year in a row, Advent has hosted a summer program at Major Cheney Elementary. 18-20 students came everyday and got three meals, recreation time, computer time, reading time, and educational game time! We were able to partner this summer with A Chance to Learn to offer summer learning to 3-5 year olds. It was a great summer with lots of field trips and fun! A Huge Thank You to Major Cheney, BISD, and Birdville Baptist Church for allowing us to have this program!

Fee-Based After School Program Fall/Spring 2015-2016


We are hoping to have our fee-based programs again this school year at Major Cheney and Birdville Elementary Schools!

However, to meet our needs as an organization, we will need 30 students registered before we are able to start the program.

Once we have 30 committed students pre-registered we will contact you, and get you a Registration packet and collect fee’s.

Our projected program details are below:

Program Days/ Times:

Monday-Friday; 3:25pm-6:00pm

Proposed Start Date: September 8th 2015

Program Costs:

  • One time $25.00 Registration Cost for Entire School Year
  • Weekly Rate: $30 a week($6.00/day)
  • Daily(drop in) Rate: $10

Please click link below and return to school front office, teacher, or you can scan in and send to ryanmurphy@auyd.org or take a picture and text your copy to 214-727-4203.

Click HERE—->>> PreRegFAll2015ASP

College Trip for Advent High School Youth!

horace-caldwell-pier island_banner utsa

University of Texas Austin campus at sunset-dusk - aerial view

University of Texas Austin campus at sunset-dusk – aerial view


Thanks to Southlake Womens Club, 10 high school youth will take a college road trip from July 20-24, taking tours of UT AUSTIN, UT SAN ANTONIO, and TEXAS A&M CORPUS CHRISTI!

They will also get to spend a few days at the beach of Port Aransas!

Advent is committed to a 100% high graduation rate and a 100% college or technical school entrance for all of the youth involved in Advent Programs!

We will post pics after their adventure!!!!!

Summer Learning Program 2015!


10 Week Summer Learning Camp: Ages 3yrs-5th Grade

Click Link to Download Registration Form—> PoliciesAUYDACTLProgramRegistrationForm (1)

This summer Advent Urban Youth Development will join forces with A Chance To Learn to expand programs to as young as 3 years old all the way to 12 years old.

A Chance to Learn: 3 years old to 5 year olds will get the opportunity to learn phonics, letter and number recognition, sign language, drama, computer lab time, physical activities, and more!

Advent Urban Youth Development: School aged 5 years old to exiting 5th graders(12 years old) will engage in STEM, summer reading initiatives, physical activities, team building, computer lab time, etc!


Major Cheney Elementary 2600 Solona Street Haltom City TX 76117

Program Times:

Summer Days/Hours
June 8th 2015 – August 14th 2015
Monday (At Cheney Elementary) -Friday (Field Trip Day/Birdville Baptist Church)
8:00am-5:30pm (*7:30am and 6:00pm early drop off/ or late pick up available; all meals free per TDA program on campus)

Program Costs:

$50.00 per week
$15 per day if paying daily rate

Fall 2014 Exciting New Programs!

This school year Advent is starting four new programs!

Here they are:

1. Sept 2 2014: Major Cheney Elementary Fee Based After School Program

2. Sept 2 2014: Birdville Elementary Fee Based After School Program

3. Oct 9 2014: Girls One Beloved Community Mentoring Group

4. Oct 9 2014: Boys One Beloved Community Mentoring Group

We are so excited about these programs!


New Summer Program @ Major Cheney Elementary


We are proud to announce our very first Advent Summer program and your child is invited! As you may know the ASPIRE program is ending as of May 2014. This means that Major Cheney Elementary and Birdville Elementary will no longer have a summer or after school program.

Advent has been approved by the BISD to run a fee-based program this summer, as well as next school year after-school. We need your help to make this program a success. Please look over the details and let us know if you will be sending your child this summer!!!

Here are the details of the program:

DATES: June 9th-August 14th 2014

AGES: Pre-K-5th Grade

TIME OF PROGRAM: 8:00am-5:30pm; Monday-Thursday; Fridays closed

LOCATION: Major Cheney Elementary

FOOD: Breakfast, Lunch, and an afternoon snack!

COST: WEEKLY RATE: $75 per week and one time registration fee of $20.00.

DAILY RATE: $20 per day (must pay in advance for each week.) and registration fee of $25.00

What will my child be doing? Advent is committed to social skills, leadership, and STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Math). Our days will be filled with activities and classes with these types of content.

What should I do, I want my child to go! We need commitments from you so please fill out the attached form and return to email (ryanmurphy@auyd.org), or mail (PO BOX 14983 Haltom City TX 76117) BEFORE FRIDAY May 9,2014. We will only accept the first 100 students.

What will happen after May 9th? After we get all forms back we will contact parents to let them know the official registration date which will take place in May 2014. At that time, the first weeks program fee will be required as will as a one time registration fee.

Click here to download registration form—- > SummerProgramSWARM2014

The HYDRA Program (Helping Youth Develop Resilience & Anti-Fragility)

LOGO Advent.jpg

HYDRA (Helping Youth Develop Resilience & Anti-Fragility)

ISS/Suspension/Zero Tolerance Alternative Program



(Data from Department of Education & Civil Rights Data Collection)


  • Latino students are twice as likely to get suspended from school than white students.


  • Black students are four times as likely to get suspended from school than white students.


  • If a student’s has been suspended once by the time they reach 9th grade, they are twice as likely to drop out.


  • In districts that reported expulsions under zero-tolerance policies, Hispanic and black students represent 45 percent of the student body, but 56 percent of those expelled under such policies.


  • 70 percent of the students involved in school-related arrests or referred to law enforcement were Hispanic or black.


These statistics do not implicate school administrators and teachers as perpetrators of racism or biased, but it does demand that two hard questions be asked. Why is this happening and what can we do about it?




HYDRA (Helping Youth Develop Resilience & Anti-Fragility) is a multi-leveled approach to decreasing those above statistics in your school.


Level 1: All Staff Training on Relationship and Social Capital Building


  • Research (John Hattie; Visible Learning)  shows that a student that feels like they belong and participate in their education, is a student that will work and perform for their teachers. Community and belonging is a culture that is created and earned, not assumed. By training all school staff on how to build relationships, identify biases, identify privilege, identify micro-aggressions, etc. with students and how to allow students to be a stakeholder in their education, the statistics above can be drastically reduced.  


Training: Advent would provide a one day professional development and ongoing support for all school staff. Trained Advent staff would be willing to be “on-call” to work with teachers/staff on how to work with at-risk students.


Level 2: Community Decisions/Accountability Committee on ISS/Suspensions


  • By using an in school community effort in making these decisions, schools can eliminate the heat of the moment decision making that takes place during a normal ISS/Suspension decision. Since students are valued and respected, administrators and teachers should take time to count the cost of suspension. This committee would be called together before a decision is made, and it would consist of teachers, admin, counselors. The teacher and admin that first handled the request would not be a part of the decision making process.


  • A ISS/Suspension review committee would meet once a semester to review suspensions and process the students outcomes after the suspension, as well as the validity of the suspension. This committee would be made up of community stakeholders as well as in school staff. No names would be used in these meetings, per FERPA. Yet gender and ethnicity would be accounted for.


Level 3: ISS/Suspension Re-Entry


  • In School Suspension (ISS)  normally consists of  8 hours of a student sitting at a desk, by themselves, with no interaction from a teacher besides the requests to do their work and not to talk. This mimics a prison setting, which perpetuates the school to prison pipeline for at-risk students. This valuable time could be used to not lecture, but work relationally with these suspended students on modifying their behavior, as well as giving them alternatives to their behavior.


TRAINING: Why waste 8 hours? A trained ISS E.A. would be much more valuable to that student. Advent would provide training through the HYDRA program.


  • Outside school suspension, when warranted, consists of a student sitting at home doing nothing. Free time away from school for an at-risk youth, why wouldn’t they want to repeat their behaviors so they can get more out of school free time? Would you rather that student be in attendance on campus?


TRAINING: If a out of school suspension is warranted, a student on re-entry back to school should be in ISS HYDRA for an entire day to discuss their actions, and to make a plan of action for themselves on how they can improve.

Holistic Resilience

Holistic Resilience

Students at SWARM Springdale.


In each of our programs this week, students have been learning about Tangible Love, which is one of the three things through which we seek to empower youth.

From Webster’s Dictionary:


1. Something you can sense (smell, see, hear, touch, taste)

2. Something your mind knows

3. Something that is valuable


1. Unselfish loyal and benevolent concern for the good of another: as (1): the fatherly concern of God for humankind(2) : brotherly concern for others

Afterwards, each program had a different activity: SWARM Springdale colored pictures of things that illustrated “tangible love to them: SWARM Spanish Square had a dance contest; 1BC Boys played volleyball; 1BC Girls made jewelry!

AUYD partners with Project 938 for MLB’s Pitch, Hit and Run Competition!

Project 938 has been working to rehabilitate a baseball field in Haltom City for months. Once it was complete, they invited Advent youth to join other Haltom City youth for MLB’s Pitch, Hit and Run Competition. SWARM Springdale and SWARM Spanish Square both went to participate in the event!

Students and families were treated to free food and fun! All involved had a great time competing together on their new baseball field!

Thanks again to Project 938, Northwood Church, Haltom City, Moose Lodge #1889, Forth Worth Cats, Texas Rangers, and so many others for their help with this project. We were honored to take part.

SWARM Springdale Kickoff!

On Saturday, we launched our newest SWARM program at Springdale Apartments. This program will engage the youth of the community in team building games, social skill lessons, and STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Art, Math) education initiatives. Students and mentors will meet in the community clubhouse every Saturday from 11:00am-1:00pm.

Thanks to volunteer support from Northwood Church, The Hills Church, Academy at West Birdville and BISD ASPIRE for making this program possible!

Ward D-Group Volunteering at Spanish Square!

Easter Egg Hunt at Spanish Square

On Saturday,

Numerous volunteers from The Hills Church partnered with us to for and Easter Celebration! There were marshmallow-filled mouths, egg-filled baskets, and most importantly, smiles all around! Thanks again to all who made it happen.

Video on AUYD’s Soccer Team, The Beasts!!!

Last season, Emily Reppert and Chevy Hometown Kids visited one of our soccer games to inquire more about the program and the experiences of two specific players. Check it out!